It is what we share that brings us closer


The perfected nutella pie

A simple craving his girlfriend had was what got Elijah rolling up his sleeves, experimenting with various recipes and creating his first Nutella Pie for her 8 years ago. Today, the Nutella Pie remains our all-time bestseller, as our pie story continues to unfold.

The belief that our pies bring people closer

Encouraged by how the Nutella Pie drew the couple closer and that desserts are best enjoyed together — like at a birthday party, a wedding reception or during Christmas, Elijah was spurred to create pies in familiar flavours that would spark conversations amongst family and friends.

Made for Sharing

For Your Enjoyment

A dedication to our craft

With an ambition to share artisanal pies that are a feast for the senses, we take pride in creating recipes with novel twists in flavour, delectable colours and delicate finishing touches.

A note from the founders

The Nutella Pie we created 8 years ago to satisfy a simple craving, remains our all-time favourite and a reminder so close to our hearts on why we do what we do everyday.

We feel heartened whenever we hear stories of how our pies have brightened a festive season, commemorated a special occasion or cheered a friend on during a difficult time. This brings meaning to what we do at Elijah Pies and is exactly the community spirit that our brand is built upon — that desserts bring people closer and are best enjoyed together. #forsharingonly

Thank you for journeying with us and being our inspiration, as we stay true to our belief and dedication to creating pies that are creative yet comforting, familiar yet fascinating, simple yet surprising — for your enjoyment.

Keep munching,
Elijah & Limin

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